Kendall Photography Studio

Posted Wednesday 28 July 2010

We create masterpieces that looks like paintings using the state of the art lighting technology that replicate traditional light in art media. We can render a artistic nude photography to appear as an oil painting on canvas, a watercolor, or a pastel. We are also the only Miami Portrait Studio that can apply the incredible lighting technology in your artistic nude portraits based in our artistic award-winning experience . This technology provides us with the ability to create the look and feel of your artistic nude portrait to suit your taste and desires. (more…)

Posted Wednesday 28 July 2010

We can create pictures of an angel, an anima, or a fairy. All these styles can be made to look sexy. The wardrobe that can be made to look provocative to be a hit, but tasteful and artistic. You could dress up as a corpse bride, a sexy witch, a hot vampire, a lingerie sorceress or a pinup devil. The face can be painted, long false finger nails can be attached and hair extensions can be used to make the hair long.

If your style is more raw and rugged, and you want to look look haughty, brave and fierce, then you can dress up as a barbarian, a naughty convict, a sexy gangster, a spicy pirate or a naked cave girl. Sexy version of Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella or Snow white. Some ladies also like to dress up as
animals such as a cuddly lion or a sexy cat for a sexy “cute” look. Very popular and with a growing demand, we are creating Sexy Circus photography where you can perform a clown with her antics, a sexy magician, or a naked rope walker.

Period characters from the Greek or Egyptian era as Helen of Troy or Cleopatra can be made to look sexy and will look great at the fantasy photo session.

If you like uniforms, you might dress up for your halloween photo session as a police officer, an army officer, a navy or air force officer.Schoolgirl skirt and blouse, bridal veil and white lingerie, cowboy boots and hat, stockings, garters and stilettos, an apron and high heels, bubble bath, wet t-shirt, favorite lingerie, cigar and man’s dress shirt, champagne glass and evening gown, long gloves, ropes and blindfolds, wig, catsuit and whip… whatever your imagination can dream up.

Posted Monday 26 July 2010

Sensual Photography at Miami Boudoir Photo Studio is about timeless beauty. Sensual portraits capturing the classic glamour photography, including sexy lingerie, elegant gowns, and playful or seductive poses. No nudity is involved in this category. (more…)

Posted Sunday 18 July 2010

Erotic Retro Photography also known as Old Hollywood Glamour Photography is inspired in the famous Hollywood photographer George Hurrell, and is garbed in something very reminiscent of our twenty-first century style. Very elegant and feminine. We cover everything from a complete makeover with the proper retro chick makeup and hair styling to easy-to-replicate diva poses (more…)

Posted Sunday 18 July 2010

Our Implied Nude Pin up Photography is perfect if you like to play innocent but sexy. At Miami Boudoir Photo Studio we can create Implied Nude or Nude Pinup Photography evoking funny situations where your outer beauty play a balanced roll with your inner innocence. If you want to do more covered pics bring your about the outfits, bras, garters, stockings/thigh highs, jewelry, and shoes. Pin ups are for every woman – they are about the everyday gal! While posing as a pinup you can show as much or as little of your body as you feel comfortable with. (more…)